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  • Oberteil und Rock in Einheitsgröße
  • Oberteil und Rock in Einheitsgröße. Oberteil als on oder off-shoulder zu tragen
  • Oberteil und Rock in Einheitsgröße
  • Details Sommerrock
  • Stoff und Details SEAFFAIR Marke
  • Stoff Bali
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BLISS Set Taupe

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The BLISS Set consists of a top that can be adjusted to individual needs - belly free, or covering the belly, off-shoulder or on-shoulder - however you feel comfortable wearing it! The skirt is made out of an elastic ribbon that can be stretched from size x-small to large. A beautiful set, for day or night!


  • Top: On-Off shoulder / Belly-free or non belly-free
  • Skirt from size XS to L
  • Adjustable to personal needs
  • One size
  • 100% rayon